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Monday, September 13, 2010 @ 11:18 PM


The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing - John Powell

Friday, August 20, 2010 @ 12:13 AM


Think of the Reason for Holding On In the First Place, Whenever There Is a Feeling of Giving Up.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010 @ 1:25 AM

baby blog for me deeeee=D

A picture to make the post not so boring.
Blog dying, thus, have to revive it! (:

1. Wake up
2. Noodles Breakfast
3. Ran away house (to find dearr)
4. Bishan Library read through accounts
5. drank some weird peach wheatgrass ice blend from the cafe (not recomended)
6. Tori Q bento for lunch
7. Walked around j8 giagia
8. Realised we're getting late alrdy
9. Hurry train back to school
10. Realised we're still early, waited outside the rooom
11. Went in, started paper
12. Done with paper, handed up (still not badd=D)
13. Discuss answers with tl jj cheryl
14. Left to fc6 to get chinchow
15. Went to CASS office find lecturer
16. Went hilltop library to find things, but dont have
17. blablablabla, Left School.
18. Went to serangoon.
19. Slacked there, all the way.
20. Back home!

:D :D :D
My day summarised into 20 points :D

Hope other paper will be the sameeeeeeeeeeeee

Tuesday, June 1, 2010 @ 1:04 PM


hi my name is gerald.
im so bored, waiing for my new media

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 @ 2:13 AM

The day is today..

probably the day to blog properly is todayy.......

Will be going overseas in a few hour time with dearrrrr<3!!!>
whatever~ given the oppotunity lerrrrr yeaaaaa
honoured? hahaha maybe bah

Schools start with me being in the different class from dear and the rest of my friends which happen to be my groupmatess
When through much effort running here and there finding not 1 not 2 not 3 but many many more teacher before the transfer is accepted.
Felt abit unfair for people who work so hard to go to classes they want to while some just didnt do much and still get into the class they want~

Does this means that in future when there is such a situation i will just wait and hopefully things will turn out like what happen this time and i will be there laughing at people who work so hard and get the same result as me??


definitely not~ throwing away the pass me,
building up a new person~ believe it or not, i want to do it and i will=)

During the holidays read 1 or 2 books that dear lend it to me and now thinking back at the books that i read after i came to poly, feel kinda proud =x though i think its still less than 5.


i dun give a dam bout books 1 year agoo
(except text book which i need to)

Time in Life is a scarcity,
Not to live as though u never die, and die as though u never live

Sunday, April 25, 2010 @ 10:27 PM


Next Time =x

Saturday, April 24, 2010 @ 12:28 AM


I Shall Blog Tmr=)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 @ 10:01 PM

be happy~

sorry for neglecting your feelings,
sorry for not being able to pull up your spirits when you are waiting for me to be there for you.
would u smile again please?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 @ 11:10 PM



Sunday, January 24, 2010 @ 11:59 PM

exam exam exam allll over againnnn

Copied and Edited from LMY=x
Updates for the weeeek!!!

Went school as usual.
After schoool, went to bishan j8 for manhattan fish lunch,
and headed to library and did our java project.
Me have to head off at 4plus for to my tutee's house.
Hahahaha, dear headed home after that.
Had been a long time since she reached home so early~

Dear didnt went for SPOT classes, while i attended my GEMs in the morning.
poor girl~ Mus had been overly tired=/.
But still. dear wake up earlyyyyyyy and went to school to meeeet up with me for breakfast=D
Project exercise for MOB.
omg fun, we played the game taboo!
Funnnnnnnnny really.
GF was the clue giver and had to make my group guess words like BUST, WONDERBRA, etc.
LOL cute ehhhh=x
I guessed most of them correctly.
telepathy hurh! :X
Lunchhhhh we went to tiong for QIJI nasilemak. :D
was kinda nice! but expensive compared to normal de. hahaha
Back for Idea.
Waste time. shouldnt have went la really.
Gf was feeeeeeeeeeling sianz sianz again=/ cheer up girl!

After which, went to GF house to study MOB!
Hungry half way, ordered mac! XD
I went home at around 9plus ~~
while dear waited for her parents to go over to fetch her back to the "Main" home
LOLs complicated stuff~ too many home le

Tired ah.
No java classsssss, but we're late for MOB lessssons.
HAHAHAHA, train congestion urhs, cannot blame ;P
Yeahhhh, did tutorial in classsssssssssss.
And went for math. can really tell that GF wasnt really paying attention!!=/
she was like waiting for time to faster passsss, and was talking to cheryl~ bad bad bad=(

Yea, went to dmit office with the rest for them to submit their dbms report after the lesson.
And, headed tto mrt station to get fingerrrrr fooood,
and GF papaya soyaaaaa milk, and took train to pioneeeer. :D
Went to the place, and played badminton with GF, zhiying, toby, yew wee, mabel, jayjay :D
the rest went gym!
Cooooool laaaa, played a few games.
AND AND AND, toby de pants tore, and he was covering,
and was like faster asking dear to " BU YAO KAN!!!!!".
Gf played badminton for the 2nd time in her life niaa, cant tell man!! hahah she was playing quite okok and very good for 2nd timer le. hahah =D
Yeah, went to wash up after which.
Left with GF to go eat at nearby foodcourt :)
Kuay chap! :)
After which, tooook trainnnnn and sleptttttttttt on dear shoulders for the whole entire trip from Pioneer to Raffles =)
HAHAHAAHH. and headed back to bishan library!
Fixed our java codes again!
Attempted to read thru math!
And went home soooooon, the day passsed so quickly. HAHA.
Accompany dear towait for bus and took train home after which:D

met up with GF and studied a littttle dbms!
Tori Q bento set for lunch :D
back to finish math tutorial!
And went back to get yami yoghurt and the crispy chickennnnn.
After which, da bao-ed footlong from subway and headed to GF house to continue some dbms!
I leftttttttttttttttt, and GF waited for her family to come join her ;D
Again too train home~

realised my saturday's recap is the shortest?
yeaaa~~ was very bored by the time i recapped everything and gulity max that i am blogging and not STUDYINNNNGGGGGGGG=(

Thats all for the days.
Hope my dear will be more cheerful yeaa?

its monday tml again!
~~Everything is going ROUND and ROUND~~
why? cos the earth is round (bull shit)

Saturday, January 16, 2010 @ 11:31 PM

Work during a freaking long time ago~

like since a freaking long time again...I post something... and after a long time... i am posting sumthing again... isnt that great?=x
yeappp when to work with CR and Ron during the last week of holidays doing some stock taking thingy at tech park 2 in AMK. It was so much more fun than standing infront of a wagon selling some stupid bed "shit" =x
the food there were cheaper compared to food arnd Robinson which tends to be more expensive since its in the town area
and the vending machine drink ONLY COST.......
guess peopleeee guess guesss!!!
....Only 20 cenntttt mannn!!
freakkingg cheappp. hahahaha
though sometimes your coffee comes out without sugar or no cream or sumthing...
but its 20 cent mannn what can we expect? XD
It was a 4 day contract thingy and it kinda ended one day earlier but we still continued working there doing sai kang on the last day~~
Great way to spend my last week of holidaysss=)
Contract Work tag. Feel like construction worker lidat=x
Style shoe right!! hahahah XD Thats wat the 2 other gentleman have to wear for not wearing shoes on their 1st day to work=x hahaha
see all the yeloow tag paper! we did all those man! our hardddd workkk
though alot got mistake, but not bad le lahssssss!

sai kang day~

there is another warehouse much much more messy compare to this man~

ron boy boy

Yeappp, its really a Fragile little thing=x
Ronald in action~

Like finally after all these daysss.. ITS PAY DAYYYYY~~
got part of the pay and was really kinda happyy!! hahah
(Of cos by now this date all of them was in fact gone"3 )
Thanks Ron for collecting the rest of the pay for us=D

lalalalal~~ YEAAPPPP
thats all for my work placeee
will be updating ABIT moree=x
now exam period arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Thursday, December 31, 2009 @ 11:51 PM

new new new year~ hmmmmm

Was suppose to be at count down now at marina square with the NCC peeps or at some corners of Singapore counting down my last few seconds of 2009 and start a brand new yearr. But sumthings juz when wrong. Nvm bout that. Fuck it Anyway. Cant blame anyone for it too
Anyway, still able to have my dear accompanying me on msn during my last few moment, that is equally good too=) of cos it would be better if she was beside me.
做人要知足 right? 知足常乐!! Hahax

This will be the last post of 2009 and will be looking forward to 2010, forget every bad stuff that happen in 2009 and move on the a brand new year yeaaa??

hmmm New Year......
Juz hope to be a better and better person every year yea??
Learn as much things as possible to improve one self

Hope family and frens will be happy and have a smooth year

Hope my girl will always be a Cheerful Girl=)


Had been a good and fruitful year, from entering poly till like year one will be over very very soon, and also being the "Sir" of Deyi Ncc was an good experience but tiring one, also meeting my dear girl was an really unexpected one. But it was great, real great stuff happen this year. Ther are many more stuff that happen with alot of people arnd me and is something good to remember but i cant possibly list out everything. Though i do not have an good memory and might JUST might forget all this stuff, but the thing is it had happen before and is part of my life once.Lets put all this aside, and when one fine day, when all of us sit down at a place and we talk about all this past things, we will all smile at each other about all these great stuff that once happen before=)

Dear, wanna tell u that it had been a great one year (2010 - 2009 = 1 year!) with u, and had been a very very meaningful time with u during this times. Without you, one whole chunk of my poly life will be so lifeless and bored, without you i will feel so lonely, without you i wont be able to be able to feel the same way i feel right now. Without you, i wont be me.
Thanks for being part of my 2009.
Please be part of me 2010, 2011 2012 and more and more~~

~~Happy New Year Everyone~~

Friday, December 25, 2009 @ 4:41 PM

merry christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone^^
Been kinda wondering, since Christmas is actually the day that Jesus was born.
How come the character for Christmas is not Jesus but santa??=x
and and where did Santa come about? How did he pop out o.o? hahaha
Wierd huh? XD
Anyone knowss?

Had spend one whole day off work on 24th with dear celebrating christmas eveee=D
Had lunch near Northland=D (My Primary School^^) and and
Caught the movie Alvin and the 5 other Hamsters at GV

Its a very very very funny show mann! Highly recommended!=D
Bought this Eiffel tower thingy for dear as a christmas present
and we spend like arnd 1hour to build it up i think=x
Building a tower was Never eassyy
especially when the wind is big and your tower can fly off anytime=x. hahaha

but still.. TADA! build it, done it, love it=D
After that when to AMK to find Kel and Co den shun bian pei dear to Interchange~
Afterwhich meet them at raiders and i had my dinner and when to play L4d2 for like 2 hour plus plus i think. hahaha like my 4th time playing? haha

den den den when to orchard spray spray ppl, den let ppl spray spray and walk walk arnd and..

~~Home Sweet Home~~

PS: Thanks ZG for helping me find the TOWER!! thanks lots lots lots lotsssssssssssssssssss=D

Saturday, December 19, 2009 @ 11:16 PM

17/12/2009 =)

HAPPY 3rd Month Anniversary

Thanks for being such an understanding dear to me, not complaining once about anything that I were unhappy about. Always thinking for me in one way or another,
showing me care and concern. Always trying to make me happy.
Really appreciate all that u have done for me.

I am not good with Ang Mo don't really know how to say how i feel,
so i am not gonna say much, but I just wanna let u know that i am glad that you are in my life and i will treasure this blessing from jesus, ahlal or from what ever religious or simply juz put it the universe. Or if there is no such thing and you are just an coincidence, you are one that had made my life so so soooo much wonderful.
Je t'aime

At temp Ikea=D
What Would It Be Like Without You?
wish i'll never find out

Wednesday, December 16, 2009 @ 11:03 PM

happy birthday andy

Hey Hey ANDY!!
Happy Beleated Birthday!!
8 dec right!! XD
Wish u live ur life happily
Stop Ponning Classes!!
49 lessons 24 absent. TIME TO STOP
yea? hahaha

Saturday, November 28, 2009 @ 11:23 PM

back to http://thepresentandfuture.blogspot.com/


Its like freak freak freaking long time since i ever posted. like 20days?=x
alot had happen during these days juz that i am busy(or lazy) to blog bout it. hahaha
short recapped~

1. When to a Millionaire Mind Seminar by T.Harv Eker
The One and Only Harv Eker

2. Had 2nd Month Annivesary With my Sweet Girlfren=D

3. Lots of people Bday
(JingWen, Ronald, Da Eugene, Chuan Rong, Zheng Gang and my Dad's too)
P.S was busy not able on sum of the dates, sorry if i didnt attend celebration=/

4.Celebrated ZG Bday in Advance At Malcolm's mum shop

5.Had Lots of Project and Assingment and had completed almost all le
almost.. not everything yet..

6.Had Exco Interview For SPSE

7.Did Some studying and gonna do MORE and will NEED MORE

8. Had been trying to complete Pokemon FireRed in scholl during lesson=x

Its always like this Every 3 month in poly eh? Either MST or End Year Exam. Getting used to it already=)
I better make the rest of the WHOLE week fruitful instead of juz the week ends or i will be so dead in MST. Aiming and reaching for "Entrepreneur Concetration". (Didnt know how to spell the Long E word at 1st, but figured that, that is the very 1st step i should take if i wanna go in that course in year three =.=)

Will try to Update more often when i am free =D late le almost time to sleep le~

~~Good Night~~

Sunday, November 8, 2009 @ 10:55 PM

Fruitful weekend=)

Had a really good weekend man!!

After a long boring week of study, the best way to end it would be finding a real nice place with your GF or friends to slack away=)
after studying after school at foodcourt 5, was abit dreading to go home at that time arnd 5pm.
was thinking real real real hard where else can i go with GF..... (after all SG is such a freaking small place) GF suggested a crazy idea bout going to barrage.....
and *blink blink* we were there =.= hahahaha
However, didnt regreted going there at all, the place really feel dam peaceful and very ideal for slacking away one whole week of studying! =)))
From what a crazy idea became what a great idea~ hahaha

Had a new student, which is my relative at hougang. Woke up early and went to hougang to teach her maths. Plus, Minus, Times, Divide. easy pixi spider=x yet so chim for her....

Met up with GF after that to makan lunch~
she brought me to the so called original Prata House, no sure which is the original though~ but one thing for sure is that the prata there wasnt bad!! hahaha in fact was quite nice=)
Walk with GF near her neighbourhood back to a bus stop near her house and bus-ed to Amk Central to find the others. And seriously, Serangoon was dam dam dam warn that day=(

Had pool game with x.eug and results are like still the same as last time=.= Lols will improve de.. will deee XD
Spend the rest of the day just slacking in Kpool and arnd Central. Went home arnd 7 plus - 8 =) Today was fruitful in the sense that i didnt waste my time at home playing dota, instead i am outside giving tuition, spending time with my girl and spending time with sec friends which i dun do alot now adays in poly=x hahaha

hmmm. today woke up early ate breakfast with sis and went to hougang again, but this time was Science. Primary school science was much chimmer compare to ours when we are primary standard!!

Today was fucking sway man!!! I forgot to wear my specs out (wtf la=.=), then i broke my slipper, i was late for tuition and i had no choice but to buy back the same slipper (although i didnt really have any other prefrences). Thats not all, after i met GF in the afternoon to study. we couldnt find a place to study with a powerpoint, so i was hoping to rely on my battery of my laptop. We found a sit in coffee bean and i was so dam ready to start studying.For Fuck Sick, the battery is EMPTY!! Was freakiing sianz maxxx.
lucky GF was there if not mood will be freaking screwed up man. hahax

In the end studied with GF lappy and was still able to kinda finish studying what i wanted to.
studied till arnd 6plus -7pm and had Tako^.^ while GF had her Tori Q as usual. And GF was being really irritating today especially after studying=x haha

Acompanied her to bus stop and train-ed home after that~

~~Home Sweet Home~~

Tuesday, November 3, 2009 @ 9:47 PM

The day i am wiser

First of all must thanks everyone who wish, hope and celebrated for me on this day (or a few days later) that I appear 17 years ago.

Thanks my two very dear Zheng Gang and Malcolm that celebrated for me in advanced which was really unexpected=x hahaha. And for the freaking one whole big tub of Mass Gainer! lols. confirm become fat fat if eat finish=x hahahaha

Also Cheryl TL JayJay Estella and GF who put in so much thought for the celebration and the present=) like the shirt and the poker card thingy was really nice! hahaha
Was really glad to know that there are friends all around you that will be there for you=)

Of cos, not forgetting my dear GF which put in alot of effort trying to make the cards and making the conflake thingy and for pei-ing me the whole evening last few hours of my bird day x3
As usual when to sch in the morning and was receiving sms-es wishes (thanks again=D)
and had lesson till around 12 plus.
lessons ends at arnd 12, went to clark quey to have lunch and celebrated my Bday with peeps.
walk arnd the place and ended up at sentec fountain and it was already evening time. hahaha
Rest of them when home soon leaving me with GF.

Went to a place near esplanade and seated there to talk talk
was really happy to have GF by my side on especially on this day=)
mr joker andy called me to ask if my bday was tmr (3rd nov) hahaha. funny guy=x
he wish me and as requested her girl wish me too XD hahahha
Was juz sitting there enjoying the view and talking and soon it was already time to go.
Good Times Realy Flies.

Thanks everyone, not only for this day, but for all the things u guys have done for me that had impacted my life positively.
1.Hope everyone thats is taking O and N level would get good results.
2.Friends around that had said wanted to quit smoke will be able to quit succesfuly (so that i do not need to breathe in as much 2nd hand smoke anymore)
3.Good Good results in Poly for every Poly-er Friends

Thanks to my dear GirlFriend,LiauMinYee for the time you spend on me, for the love you gave me and for just being you. I Love you.

Saturday, October 31, 2009 @ 9:13 PM

Haloween day=)

wooo very loong no blog liao~
Happy Halloween=))
went to SIFE work shop in the morning at RP which i think is abit boring and i felt really lost at times=x

Anw went to causeway to makan awhile and walk walk and very soon was standing at mrt with GF staring at the MRT map agaiin. hahaha
In the end decided to go to the best place in SG, khatib=D
and the best place in Khatib......

Bottle Tree Park!!
Come on!! give it a guess why the park is name bottle tree park=x hahaha
it is a really nice place to be at during late evening, where there will be lesser ppl and the place is much more quiet=)

yeap! reach the park by taking bus from woodland bus interchange.
and we saw this thingy from far even before we reach the park....

Question: does this look like a real swan?
dumb GF was like.. WAH! why the swan so big de? hahahahahaha XD
she thought this was a real swan man!! hahahaha

when around the park walk walk after which slack arnd in the swings arnd the park.
awhile awhile nia, it started to rain and everyone was like running to take cover.
expect a few joker=x hahahah they were peddling the swan thingy half way and couldnt get back fast enuff, then in the end when they got back they were all drenced. LOL

Waited for the rain to stop and acompany GF to Amk and saw Samuel my pri sch fren there. When up to Kpool for 2 game, and Zone X for 2 daytona game and home via train=)

~~Home Sweet Home~~

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 @ 10:03 PM

Happy birthday~

Firstly, Happy Belated Birthday To on of my dear gay partner during sec4 LeeYu Feng=) and who help me so much in chemistry during the O levels period! thanks^^ (of cos lots of others help too) hahaha

Although quite irritating, annoying and fuck up at times but still hope ya have a very good time in JC with all your result, plus plus wishing for you a great great year for you and and best of luck . Though you are alraedy top in your class but still can improve right!! XD

Not a grand celebration for you and the cake also not veh big=x but majority of us were there to celebrate your bday for you and hope u enjoy your bday much!! like u siad its the thought that counts!! plus plus who ever celebrated bday in Kpool? o.o hahaha

Secondly, Happy Belated Birthday to me sis too. who happen to have the same birthday as yufeng, 24 oct but she was born 3year earlier than him and me.hahaha. Good luck for your Uni man! u gonna need it. and u know it=x

Thridly, Happy Birthday to JayJay which is today and he was born in 27-10-1992.
Enjoyed your Klunch? haha sure hope you did=) hope you will be succesful in wateva that u hope to be in the future! dun give up and keep working on that! dun give up and its never the end!=) Jiayou~

Okays! end of all the birthday thingy. Had started school for arnd 1 week plus le, school wasnt as tiring as last semester and in fact, was quite slacking and i am definitely not use to it. Now that i do not have any more tuition to teach and Zheng Gang are busy with O levels i am freaking bored at home of playing dota!! x.x

Of course i can always go down to amk to play pool, to find all the other guys who always there, but due to financial constrain that might not be such a good idea=x hahaha and since gym only cost $1.50 and jogging is totally freeeee and it help one to keep fit~ i am raelly looking forward when O level is finish and i can continue doing those before i become a useless piece of shit=/

Speaking of tuition my student scored 59/60 for her paper one!! zai bah! XD but lets not talk bout here paper 2. overall she scored like 79=x so caculate for yourself. duno if she will move up to NA next year. But the main thing is.. I'LL STILL HAVE MY JOB AS HER TUTOR=DDD
so anw that i will be so free, i will have time to take up another student. Therefore, if anyone of u guys have a kiddo who wanna imporve on his or her maths. Do find me kays!!=D

hmmmm and this freaking blog is like dying real real real soon le. People who read this blog, let me know of your existence pls!! Tag TAg TAG tell me things like! "hey gerald! i EXIST!", " i read your blog!", "i love you!" or wateva de...
like abit despo arh. but i am lahhh. sibei sianz leh every time see blog no tag dee.

Okay la. like can see i am freaking bored talking so much crap.. cause i am like sianz of dota le arhhh and tired of looking at the ZBrush desiging tool which i duno how to use=.=

hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm
wonder how many words i wrote here.. like alot arh.. think i can write this much for a report?



Gerald Low☺
Become wiser every year on
2nd November
Singapore Poly-DBIT.


First million at the age of 5
White lamborghini at the age of 6
HDB flat at the age of 7
Praivate Jetat the age of 9
Condominuim apartment at the age of 10
Terrence house at the age of 11
Bangalow at the age of 13
Gerald Low PTD LTD at the age of 15
First billion dollar at the age of 16
Been Looking For
The One I Love Ever Since

Do Not Need A Wishlist Anymore=D



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